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Here you find upcoming or past talks I gave:

Upcoming #

2023-09-13: StackConf, Berlin, DE
Gain SRE Superpowers with K8sGPT

2023-09-21: Swiss Cloud Native Day, Bern, CH
Gain SRE Superpowers with K8sGPT

2023-09-26: Kubernetes Community Days, Vienna, AT
Building a Cloud Native Austria

Past talks #

2023 #

2023-05-30: Cloud Native Linz, Linz, AT
Leveraging AI to Troubleshoot Kubernetes with K8sGPT

2023-05-18: DevOps Pro, Vilnius, LT
Stop Building Delivery Pipelines, Start Leveraging Lifecycle Events for True Cloud-Native Delivery!
Link: DevOps Pro

2023-05-10: Vienna DevOps & Security Meetup, Vienna, AT
Gain SRE Superpowers with K8sGPT
Link: Meetup

2023-04-21: KubeCon EU, Amsterdam, NL
Delivering Applications Efficiently with Cloud Native Platforms (with Jennifer Strejevitch and Josh Gavant)

2023-04-18: Cloud Native Rejekts Amsterdam, NL
How to deliver at Friday Night: Controlling GitOps with the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit (with Meha Bhalodiya)

2022 #

  • DevOps Pro, Vilnius (Online), LT
  • FOSDEM, Brussels (Online), BE
  • KubeCon EU, Valencia, ES
  • KubeCon NA, Detroit, US

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